SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦
SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦

SouperMum - Get Slim 好享瘦

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A natural formula herbal soup that promotes not only fat burning and detoxification, but also boosts body metabolism to achieve slimming effect.

  • Convenient & no-cook
  • 100% Natural
  • No Added Sugar
  • Sulfur-Free Ingredients
  • No MSG
  • No Artificial Flavouring
  • No Artificial Colouring
  • Suitable for Vegetarian
  • Not suitable for children, pregnant women and during menstruation.
  • Not suitable for low blood pressure, people with excessive gastric acid secretion and the sick
  • Suggest to drink 1 soup bag per day
  • Cassia Seed: It promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis and clears the stool in the body.
  • Hawthorn: It promotes the secretion of gastric juice and increases gastric enzymes, which can eliminate accumulation and resolve stagnation.
  • Psyllium Husk: It can relieve swelling.
  • Tangerine Peel: It has a mild stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, and it can eliminate gas accumulation in the intestinal tract.
  • Shou Wu: It has a strong laxative effect. Its active ingredient chrysophanol can promote intestinal peristalsis and facilitate defecation.
  • Licorice: Licorice is useful for energy and neutralization, dissipating heat and detoxifying.


以祛脂排毒与滋补调和两方面来达到瘦身效果的纤体汤饮。无副作用的天然配方,除了可以调理体质,滋补身体,更可促进脂肪燃烧、清肠排油 ,加快身体的新陈代谢而达到瘦身纤体的效果。

  • 润肠通便
  • 祛脂排毒
  • 滋补调和
  • 新陈代谢
  • 简单免煮
  • 天然原味
  • 无添加糖
  • 无硫磺
  • 无味精
  • 无人造色素


  • 行经期间, 低血压者及孕妇勿饮用
  • 儿童、胃酸分泌过多者、病后体虚及患病者等不适宜饮用
  • 建议可以每天喝一袋


  • 决明子:利水通便、有促进胃肠蠕动,清除体内宿便。
  • 山楂:有促进胃液分泌和增加胃内酶素等功能,可消积化滞。
  • 车前子:能利水消肿。
  • 陈皮:对胃肠道有温和刺激作用,可促进消化液的分泌,排除肠管内积气。
  • 首乌:润肠通便作用强,其有效成分大黄酚可促肠道蠕动,有利于排便。
  • 甘草:甘草有益气和中、清热解毒。
  • 枳壳:有行滞消胀的功能,对食积不化有明显的调节作用

材料: 薏仁、山楂、决明 子、红枣、芡实、 车前子、首乌、枳 壳、桂圆、甘草、 陈皮、喜马拉雅岩盐和天然调味
Ingredients: Pearl Barley, Hawthorn, Cassia Seed, Red Dates, Gordon Euryale Seed, Psyllium Husk, Shou Wu, Fructus Aurantii Immaturus, Dried Longan, Licorice, Dried Tangerine Peel, Himalayan Rock Salt and Natural Seasoning.

净重: 普通装:17克 X 6 
Net weight: Normal Pack:17g x 6 bags

使用方法: 将免煮即饮速宝妈放入保温瓶, 加入250-300毫升的沸水, 静待1-2小时。摇匀, 趁热饮用。

How to Use: Put one bag into thermos. Add in 250-300ml boiling water and wait for 1-2 hours. Shake well and serve hot.
**We recommend to use FOOD ART® 316 Stainless Steel Thermos. This ensure that the essence of the ingredients can be blend into the soup well. So that you can drink the most natural and tastier of Soupermum and Souperkid Soup.

储存方式: 新鲜包装, 食材是无硫磺,所以需冷藏保存。
产品保质期: 18个月 。请参阅包装背面以了解确切的有效期。
温馨提示: 速宝妈是以全天然的食材配 制,新鲜包装。其中某些材料如蜜枣圆、桂圆、红枣、枸杞、黑棗, 熟地、海竹等偶尔会因为水分含量较高 ,而导致汤袋少许潮湿。 这都是正常的现象。请安心饮用。

Storage Instruction: Freshly packed with sulfur-free ingredients. Please keep refrigerated.
Product Shelf Life: Approximately 18 months. Refer to the back of the packaging for the exact expiry date.
Reminder: SOUPERMUM is made of all-natural ingredients and freshly packaged, such as fresh candied dates, dried longan, red dates, goji, black dates, rehmannia. The soup bag would get slightly damp occasionally due to its high moisture content. It’s normal and please consume at ease.
**Disclaimer: Individual result may vary.