Preseved Flowers Dome with Premium Fruit Tea
Preseved Flowers Dome with Premium Fruit Tea

Preseved Flowers Dome with Premium Fruit Tea

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Preserved Flowers Dome with Premium Fruit tea Valentine's Day Special Gift Set

Flower Dome

Limited Special Design Flowers place in LED Lighted Dome and comes with a base.

Blush Pink preserved flower dome features a single large premium rose accompanied by other preserved and dried foliage represent the perfect everlasting gifts for your loved ones.

Healthy Fruit Tea

20 sachets of different fragrance Healthy Fruit Tea
1) Dried Dragon Fruit + Dried Rock Melon + Dried Lemon + Rock Sugar - 2 sets
2) Dried Dragon Fruit + Dried Pineapple + Dried Lemon + Rock Sugar - 2 Sets
3) Dried Pear + Black Current + Dried Lemon + Rock Sugar - 4 Sets
4) Dried Apple + Dried Orange + Dried Tangerine + Rock Sugar - 4 Sets
5) Dried Lemon + Black Current + Dried Orange + Rock Sugar - 4 Sets
6) Dried Rock Melon + Dried Lemon + Dried Tangerine + Rock Sugar - 4 Sets
7) Free Golden Tea Spoon

Benefits of fruit tea will help us add a lot of vitamins and drink plenty of water to maintain our daily health and vitality.

It is currently 1 of the trend of having fruit tea with it fragrance taste and easy to make simply by adding water and stir. 

Cold brewed fruit tea is made from fresh fruits baked at low temperature without adding any preservatives.
It is a new generation of drinks, in line with the current people's healthy, fresh and safe life concept.

Two brewing methods

1. Hot brew : It is recommended to brew with hot water below 80 degrees for 5-10 minutes. If you like sweetness, add honey or sugar, and stir well before drinking.

2. Cold brew: Put the dried fruit in cold water and let it stand for more than an hour. If you like to add honey or sugar every day, shake it well before drinking. You can also put it in the refrigerator and use it as a cold drink.